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Carbon Fiber Bow Tie 1004

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It’s a premium bow tie, 100% handmade, from the production of the actual carbon fiber, to the final finish and assembly. It has a polished glossy surface, letting the 3D waves of the fibers give a unique depth that only this exotic material has. The center of the bow tie is delicately wrapped with black genuine leather cord, creating a contrast between the glossy surface of the bow tie and the elegance of real leather. The velvet elastic strap gives the final touch.

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Taking into consideration the special occasions that the bow tie can be part of, and there is no special occasion without a glass of champagne. So comes the 1004 design, giving us the impression of two glasses of champagne.

  • Materials: 100% real carbon fiber, Genuine leather, Elastic velvet strap
  • Dimensions: Approximately 120mm x 34mm
  • Finish: Glossy surface
  • Size: One size